It has been a challenging few days. My office is in downtown Minneapolis where the recent police arrest and homicide of George Floyd has sparked days of civil unrest, lootings, and arson. One of the most compelling, and anguish inducing, pieces of news coverage was the arson that occurred at two Postal Stations resulting in their complete destruction. When consumers stand in tears talking about how they loved their local mail carrier, you realize that the Postal Service is a treasured part of America’s infrastructure. Something we often take for granted. Our office tower has been boarded for a few days, accessible only to tenants. We have been subject to city curfews. It has been a strange and frightening time.

There have been some important Postal Service updates that I wanted to share. Here they are:

Click on the headline to read more. Published June 2, 2020.

The USPS Board of Governors recently adopted a mission statement — the first in the Postal Service’s history — as part of the governors’ work to conduct long-range planning and set strategic policy for the organization. The mission statement describes the organization’s history, its duties and its status as an essential part of the federal government.

Click on the headline to read more. Published May 22, 2020.

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