It’s hurricane season. Are you ready?

Hurricane Frances prepares to make landfall on Florida's Treasure Coast, September 2004.

We all know the routine. June 1st rolls around and we start watching the tropics to see what Mother Nature has in store for us. We all know what we’re supposed to do personally – have a 72-hour “go” kit with food, water and some extra clothing, keep an eye on the weather, and board up if a hurricane is coming our way. 

But how much thought have you given to preparing your BUSINESS for a disaster? There’s lots of other things that could potentially go wrong and affect your livelihood. Tornadoes. Floods. And a whole list of things that are not remotely weather related such as fire, sabotage, computer system failure, or the death of key employees. Are you prepared to weather THOSE storms?

The most comprehensive pre-planning disaster checklist that we’ve ever seen, made SPECIFICALLY FOR NEWSPAPERS, is available for download here: Disaster Checklist for Newspapers

This plan will help you to fulfill the important responsibility you have to your community in times of disaster – that of a reliable source of information and resources for dealing with the disaster.

The Florida Media Association is grateful to the Wisconsin Community Papers (WCP) for generously sharing this well-researched, comprehensive information.

New to Florida and need a general hurricane checklist? Here’s a good one from Generac generators:   Hurricane Prep Guide 2020