FMA Plans for Evolving Future

Justo Rey

2020 has challenged local media companies. The impact of the pandemic on our industry has been felt by both media organizations across the state and the customers we serve.

With that as a backdrop, the FMA Board recently gathered for an intense retreat, focusing on what opportunities the 2021 media landscape could present to the organization and its members.

We want to thank Andy Hoh, who brilliantly facilitated the discussions. One of the main goals Andy tasked the board with was to define the association’s Mission and devise a set of Strategic Initiatives to guide our action toward shaping a future for our organization.

For a full day and a half, we discussed, brainstormed and prioritized a multitude of ideas. Andy led us on a discussion of what a properly crafted Mission Statement should reflect:  the core purpose, heart and soul of any association.

It should reflect the very reason for our existence.

This may have been the most intense discussion of the retreat as we sifted through all the various thoughts and suggestions presented by the Board members. Andy helped merge an assortment of ideas, helping FMA reach a solid consensus. Our new reason for existing… our new Mission Statement:

Connect Florida media professionals to learn, grow and succeed.

Once our Mission Statement was defined, it was time to look at what Andy called our “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (or BHAG), which he described as being what FMA should look like in three to five years when the Mission is exceptionally well met.

BHAG 2025:  500 media professionals as FMA members.

Note that the BHAG calls for media professionals as members, not media companies. As the media industry evolves, there are more and more professionals who are sole proprietors; and we welcome them into our ranks.

Next we tackled performance objectives. What measures would indicate our success or failure in the Mission and BHAG?

The Strategic Initiatives we identified are long-term, broad in scope, and designed to make a dramatic impact on FMA’s success and growth. The Strategic Initiatives are:

  • Financial Resources, the sustainability of the organization
  • Membership Growth, the lifeline to fulfill the mission
  • Training & Development, the key benefit to our members
  • Brand Identity & Image, how the industry will view FMA

That brings us to what we are currently working on:  setting up the Task Forces that will address each of the four Strategic Initiatives. Each Task Force will define specific, measurable results to achieve; the key tasks; the individuals responsible for each key task; the schedule for starting and completing each task; and milestones with which to evaluate progress. Our goal is to have the Task Forces set up and operational – with their baseline target levels for 2021 and 2022 – by December 18th.

You will be hearing more about our progress with the Strategic Initiatives as we move forward. We are excited by the progress we’ve already made in our evolution from an all-print association to all-encompassing media association, and hope you are also excited to see what the future will bring!

We wish you a blessed Christmas / holiday season.