I once conducted a 2 day sales training program for a chain of papers who were struggling to get more business. They had readers tell them that their ads were hard to read. As a matter of fact, their whole paper was hard to read.

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Selling Ad Campaigns is Hard Work

These must seem like the roughest of times for advertising salespeople, with so much talk about the status of newspapers in the media mix. But one thing advertising salespeople must keep in mind is that for all their troubles, newspapers are seen by media buyers as a vital part of the media mix in any community.

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Confessions of a Media Buyer

I have owned an advertising agency and as a media buyer, I have had presentations from every conceivable media outlet in the market. 

As you probably know, ad agency media buyers are busy people. They evaluate thousands of print and electronic media and listen to hundreds of presentations. However for salespeople who represent community publications , it may be difficult to get an appointment.

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