Questions commonly asked by advertisers using the FMA Classified Network

1. What heading will the publication put my ad under?

Ads can appear under the heading “Statewide Classifieds,” as this section is a popular feature on the classified page with thousands of regular loyal readers OR under an appropriate heading the publisher normally provides.

2. Can I get tear sheets from the papers after the ads run?

No. The FMA office carefully monitors the ads sent to the papers. We can document that 90% of all participating publications ran your ad.

3. What day does the ad run?

Each weekly paper runs the ad one time each week on the day they publish. Most of them distribute on Wednesdays. Monthly publications run ads one time, usually the first week of the month.

4. How are you counting words?

Telephone numbers (including area code) are one word. Addresses (number and street) are two words. P.O. Boxes are two words. City, state, and zip code are one word each. (For example, 112 W. 4th Ave., Ellenton, Florida, 34222, 813-645-7127 is six words).

5. Is there a frequency discount for running the same ad again?

No. Statewide Classified Advertising is a special promotion that is already priced at substantial savings. 

6. How many calls will I get if I run this ad?

We do not guarantee results. Advertise a good product with a great price, run it consistently, and you should be pleased with your response.